Einar was in Iceland in the end of January and we took the riding horses to the stable and shooed them. The oldest is Herðubreið daughter of Hrauna, but she is 9 in the summer. We hope to show her or compete on her this year. The picture here above is of Gísli and Herðubreið.

We have two mares after Stuðlar frá Húsavík, Sóldís and Birta. They are 6 in the summer and look like they have good riding qualities. Then we have two geldings turning 5 in the summer, Hamar and Bjarkar. Hamar is after Hrauna and Svaki frá Miðsitju, big and promising with a lot of mane. Bjarkar is after Bjarklind and Krákur frá Blesastöðum. He is a little bit small but very cooperative and shows trot and tölt. These horses were all started in the summer for a month or so.

And last but not least we started ground training on our stallion prospect, Höfði frá Húsavík, but he will turn 4 in the summer.