In the beginning of September we brought Höfði and Hersir to the stable from the summer fields to start training. Both had mares in the summer and probably about 15 covered.

Höfði was trained for about 3 months last spring. He starts well from where we left off and is very promising. No weakness in any gait and is exceptionally beautiful like the following picture shows. Hersir is three years old and is starting ground training. He is also very promising, big and graceful.

Other young horses started also training in September. Three year old mare after Bjarklind and Vökull and a gelding after Víðir frá Enni (8.35) that Einar and Barla bought with colleagues at Laufskálarétt 2015. Then there are older horses in the group which are continuing their training.

The following picture is of Höfði, taken in september near Húsavík.